PRESENTATIONS for “Three Weddings And Jane Austen” in INTERNATIONAL Blogs

I’m very happy to know that my book Three Weddings And Jane Austen [TW&JA] has received international appreciations from book blogs outside Indonesia. The Jane Austen communities are so many worldwide, and I feel honored that some of them appreciate me and my book as part of Jane Austen community, although they haven’t read it, of course. I do wish someday my book could be translated into English and other languages, so that people around the globe can read it, and hopefully enjoy it. 🙂


22 April 2012, Man Vs Books Club [@MVBClub], asked me to share about my experience in reading and writing. The blog’s objective is to encourage men worldwide to read and write more. I of course endorse that mission, and write an article to do just that! 🙂 The blog address:



27 April 2012, Maria Grazia’s blog [@SMaryG], asked me to present my book and myself to her audience. Since they couldn’t read my book because it’s written in Indonesian language, I then wrote a rather long article, showcasing a little detail about my book, myself, and my beloved country Indonesia. And since it was too long, Maria decided to post it in two parts. And this post is the Part One. 🙂 The blog address:


2 May 2012, the Part Two of my guest post in Maria Grazia’s blog goes live. She wonderfully adds a tagline that I love so much: “Ready for a fascinating journey to Indonesia?” **I hope everybody’s excitingly ready** 🙂 The address is:




9 May 2012. The is a place where blogger members around the world submit their articles, so that people can view them in sort of magazine layout, which is easier to choose and read. Maria Grazia is one of the members, and she posted my two-part article in the CULTURE and BOOK Sections of The second part of that article received good responds as it’s placed at the MOST READ articles “of the Day”, and then “of the Week”, and then “of the Month” in May 2012. The address of the article is here:




7 May 2012. It is indeed a “dream come true” event for me that the JANE AUSTEN CENTER [JAC] in Bath, UK acknowledges my book! A Senior Member of JAC named Stella once asked me to write a presentation about my book and myself, and then of course I did it excitingly. My presentation then was posted on the Forum Section of and received a good number of viewers. Only in two days it reaches more than 100 viewers, and within a week it became more than 200. I’m happy with it, while other post didn’t do as well as mine. 🙂 The address is here: