In my book “Three Weddings And Jane Austen” I feature some romantic jazz songs to produce a particular interest for one of the characters. Meri, in my book, is a 30 years old girl who loves Jazz and Broadway songs so much. And she falls in love with two men, Bimo [her boyfriend for three years] and Erik [the new guy], both because they share the same fascination in Jazz. It’s like what Marianne and Willoughby do in Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility” where they share the same interest in poetry.

So for those of you who like Jazz and Broadway songs, you can check out these lovely standards and “listen” what theses songs have to say in each particular scene I’ve created in my book. And below here are the pictures of the recording albums that I put along with the related pages.

Enjoy! 🙂



  1. It seems I jumped in too quickly for which I apologize. Being a great lover of Jane Austen’s works I tend to jump at anything that strikes me as being derogatiory in anyway to that great lady and fly off the handle without thought to offence. Once again my apologies

  2. She is a Great Lady indeed! Jane Austen is my favorite writer of all, so I hope by doing this book I didn’t do any harm to her legacy. And your devotion to her is simply admirable. I’m so glad and honored to have met a MAN like you, since mostly I met lots and lots of WOMEN who do so. And by the way, no need to apologize. I’m perfectly happy with you. Hope someday we can elaborate more on Jane Austen and Jazz! 🙂

    • I think you will find that many men enjoy the works of Miss Austen, I have written a couple of blogs on my WordPress site, although not to the extent that you have and you may wish to comment on them.

      I shall no doubt make more as I read her works on a regular basis and I expect I shall have something to say after each reading.
      Being new to WordPress I’m not sure which is the best link, but I imagine either of the following will take you there if you wish to visit.

      http://Lordbeariofbow.com or http://wp.me/24jhX

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